Selected list of works

Selected scores can be purchased from the Australian Music Centre or from the composer at 


Quelques Cercles (2011) orchestra (ca. 14:00)

The Surge, The Sounds, The Pull (2007) orchestra (ca. 09:00)

Interstices (2002) orchestra (ca. 05:00)



Pure Poetry Suite (2013/14) piano, cello, flute, electronics, spoken word (ca. 30:00)

The Last Chocolate Factory (rev. 2014) narrator, piano, cello, clarinet, electronics (ca. 15:00)

Borrowed Light (2011) piano, cello, flute

The Last Chocolate Factory (2011) narrator, piano, cello, flute, electronics (ca. 15:00)

Beginnings (2009) soprano voice, vibraphone, string quartet (ca. 07:00)

Varo Sketches (rev. version 2009) cello, flute, piano, electronics (ca. 25:00)

  I)  The lovers

  II) Revelation and The Clockmaker

Varo Sketches (2007) turntables, violin, cello, piano, electronics (ca. 25:00)

 I) The lovers

 II) Revelation and The Clockmaker

Proktee (2006) oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, double bass (ca. 07:00)

Graffiti Suite (2004) soprano voice, narrator, piano, cello, percussion,

                                  projectionist, electronics (ca.15:00)

   I)  Bariloche                                                           

  II)  Falling to Earth on Bourke Street

  III) King of the Cats

With Secret Steps (2004) (SSAA) 2 soprano, 2 alto voices and harp (ca. 08:00)

Studies in Stasis  (2004) flute, clarinet, cello, electronics (ca. 04:00)

When the Magpies Raised the Sun (2004) flute, 3 percussion (ca. 12:00)

Prelude to Entropy (2003) flute, violin, piano, double bass (ca. 05:00)

Merri Merri (2002) flute, clarinet, marimba, piano, tam tam (ca. 08:00)

Sometimes Stillness (2001) brass quartet: 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba (ca. 5:00)



Convergence (2014) prepared piano and electronics (ca. 02:00)

Hiver (2013) piano and electronics (ca. 05:30)

Magnets (2012) piano and electronics (ca. 06:30)

Diffraction (2012) piano and electronics (ca. 03:00)

Trace Elements (2012) piano, prepared piano, piano/electronics (ca. 35:00 - 40:00)

Lace Frequencies (2011) flute, electronics (ca. 10:00)

Precambrian (2010) cello duo (ca. 20:00)

Three Ohms (2008) electric cello, electric guitar, electronics (ca. 06:00)

Five (2008) electric cello, electronics (ca. 05:00)



Magnetics (2015) piano (ca. 06:30)

We String Out Along the Sand (2011) cello, electronics (ca. 05:00)

Gravity (2011) piano (ca. 01:30)

Dark Valley, Clear Sky (2010) electric cello and loop pedal (ca. 08:00)

In a Close Orbit (piano version) (2010) piano (ca. 04:00)

Two Works for Guitar (2008) guitar (ca. 10:00)

 I) In a Close Orbit (3:30)

 II) When Stars Fall (6:30)

Paths (2005) flute (ca. 07:30)

Fashion Sound House Suite (2004) electronics (ca. 16:30)

   I)   The Bathroom

   II)  The Bedroom

   III) The Lounge room

   IV) The Kitchen

    V) The Courtyard

10 Bars for Harry Sparnaay (2003) bass clarinet (ca. 01:30) 

Three Night Miniatures (2003) piano (ca. 05:00)

I) Crescents

II) Night Breaths

III) Night Static

Between Shadow and Half-Light (2002) clarinet (ca. 04:00)

Kinita (2001) vibraphone (ca. 08:00)


Electronic/Video Works

Vestiges (2015) electronic/video (03:45)